Big orders

You can order by calling +421 903 764 855 / +421 904 326 623 or by email at

To suit every customer and thus lead to satisfaction, we need enough time. If you order before 12 am, the pastries will be ready the next business day.
Orders bigger than 100 pieces must be made three days in advance.

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Christmas pastries

Christmas cookies with a vanilla and cinnamon scent will awaken the true Christmas atmosphere.
Christmas box containing 6 types of pastries. Price for 1kg is 35€.


Whether it's a celebration, life jubilee or other event, make it more pleaseant with mini scones baked with a piece of love.
Minimal amount 1kg - approximately 37 pieces. Price for 1kg is 25€.

Mini bajgel

Walnut or poppy seed roll. Minimal amount 100 pieces. Price for one is 1,90€.